Pressurized Fan
Pressurized Fan
1. EWF-25 to 45-E   (Exhaust Type)
2. EWF-45 to 50-E / EWG-60-E (Exhaust Type)
3. KG-70 to 80-E / EJ-105-E     (Exhaust Type)
4. EWF-25 to 50-Q-E / EWG-60-Q-E (Supply Type)

- High static pressure
- Large air volume design
- Low noise operation

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Vane Size (Inches)
Working system (IN)
Working system (Out)
Voltage (V/HZ)
Electric Power (W)
Quantity wind (ccm/Hour)
Quantity Wind (Cubic feet./Min)
Volume Low (Decibel)
Volume High (Decibel)
Weight (Kg)