Constant Pressure Pump (EP-155R)
Constant Pressure Pump
EP-155R Size 150 Watt
Mitsubishi Electric Water Pump R Series, durable, 5-year warranty Energy saving standard 5
สี : Yellow
- High power motor Delivers water power, durable, new design, sealed by Frame Aluminum Cooling Fan and cooling fins. Closed to prevent animals or insects from entering the motor The sound of walking was more quiet. Increase the force to deliver more water
- Electronic control (Flow Switch), the latest innovation Measure usage Water precisely Working in combination with pressure control switch Fast response Made of high quality materials for long-lasting use. With external cover And a silicone coating on the circuit board inside another layer to prevent water and dust
- Pressure control switch Automatic control, cut-to-work, quiet operation. No noise problem
- Cable storage box Protect the wiring harness and the electrolytic capacitor (Condenser) from water, insects, and rodents.
- Motor is guaranteed for 5 years with Thermal Protector to prevent motor burns in abnormal conditions and add a thermostat to cut off. When the water temperature rises or the absence of water into the machine
- Automatic water pressure boosting system When the water is activated Continuous water delivery And maintain a consistent amount of water Therefore suitable for use with water heaters or home water heaters
- Pressure tank containing nitogen gas With durable, rust-free rubber diaphragm sheets that provide consistent pressure throughout its lifetime
- Small size, saving more installation space Two water outlet options (except EP-505Q5 have one-way water outlet) to facilitate installation. Looks beautiful Unique design base Prevent waterlogging Use high quality materials, resistant to sun and rain.
- The pump head is made of copper alloy, making it durable and not rust.
- Anti-backflow system By a circular check valve Move up and down vertically Thus turning off the water completely at all times
- Extra thick plastic cover Use the material does not spread, fire, resistant to all conditions, complete with bolts for fixing the cover. Increase strength and safety
- New technology for pump housings Using high quality plastic Reduce the number of mounting bolts. To reduce the chance of rust both inside and outside.
- Add a ground wire to ensure the safety of the installation of the machine when in use.
- Maximum energy saving number 5 (except EP505R)
Technical Name
EGAT level 5
Size (Watt)
Suction distance (m)
Transmission range (m)
Water amount range 14 M (L/m)
Suction pipe mm(Inch)
Pipeline mm(Inch)
Weight (Kg)
Home Size